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Brand Philosophy

U PLACE, multi-functioned developments specially dedicated to YOU, symbolises the immersion of premium lifestyle with elegance and diversity. Situated in areas with great potential, we endeavour to enhancing the vibrancy in the districts by incorporating the latest trendy elements, transforming our shopping malls into integrated community hubs while fostering the future development of the districts simultaneously.

Addressing all aspects of your needs from F&B, retail to lifestyle and housing, a dynamic hospitality experience is provided to the community.


With the execution of revitalisation in areas with great potential, U PLACE aims to cater for the needs of residents in the districts in all aspects, covering from food, daily necessities to housing. By the integration of innovation, vibrancy and diversity, U PLACE offers one-stop solution as a multi-functioned development project, providing havens of leisure for residents to enjoy escapes from the hustle and bustle daily life.



U PLACE is committed to sustainability and assume the social and corporate responsibility to contribute a better future. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles is fully embedded into daily operations and core values.

Apart from creating share values and embracing social inclusion by offering job opportunities in the community, we also foster a sense of responsibility amongst our staff to hold society as our company stakeholder and work towards its improvement; support and participate in various kinds of charitable events for community awareness; and employ the best environmental practice at all levels of our operation.

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